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Emily Drum is a singer, arranger, composer, songwriter, producer and coach from Tucson, Arizona. Her strong interest and understanding of harmony, especially in the context of singing, emerged when she was a child and she has grown more fascinated ever since. She spent many young years in band and choir developing a strong attention to detail as well as unmistakable leadership skills. As a singer, Emily is versed in both contemporary and classical genres. She has a strong musical ear, a diverse musical taste, and a stylistic voice which makes her a talented singer, arranger, director, and musician. 

Emily’s involvement in the contemporary a cappella scene has helped develop her artistry as an arranger, producer and singer. Her directorship of the UArizona group, Amplified, led her and the group to yield impressive success in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, where she earned the ‘Outstanding Arrangement’ award on four separate occasions. She also led the group in several successful recording projects (including an album), in which she managed the projects, tracked and coached singers, edited and mixed vocals, and collaborated with other audio engineers.

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In 2021, her leadership and involvement in various recording projects earned her nine Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award nominations as a songwriter, arranger and producer. Emily is currently a member of the vocal supergroup, Red Letter Daze (yielding over 200k followers on Tiktok), which she contributes her voice, mixing, arranging, and social media knowledge to on a weekly basis. Emily continues to professionally arrange and compose for choirs and a cappella groups locally and across the country. She also continues to work with groups and other artists on recording projects. 

Emily’s music has caught the attention of vast audiences on the viral platform, Tiktok. Her videos have amassed her more than a million views, nearly 200k likes, and 16 thousand followers. She continues to grow her audience with her harmony videos, original music, arranging and songwriting tips, singing, and more. Aside from her work with vocal groups and her Tiktok success, Emily is also a talented aspiring artist. With only three released songs, Empty Rooms, Disappear and Reckless Heart have already reached several thousand listeners who enjoy her soulful vocals, detailed background harmonies, artful storytelling, and haunting melodies. Her background in the choral and a cappella genres give her a strong sense of musical storytelling while her love of Pop and contemporary music contribute a freshness to her sound that sets her apart from others. Emily is excited to continue pursuing music as a singer, arranger, composer, songwriter, producer and artist.

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