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Emily Drum is a singer, arranger, composer, songwriter, producer and coach based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work has been specially recognized in the contemporary a cappella world and her background in a cappella has given her experience in vocal arranging, directing, recording and vocal production. She has a strong musical ear, a diverse musical taste, and a stylistic voice which makes her a strong and uniquely talented artist. 



4x 'Outstanding Arrangement' Winner

15x CARA-Nominated arranger/songwriter/producer

2x AVA/CARA Awards winner


“Emily is great to work with all the way from the conceptual stages to the fine details. She is open minded and flexible, brings the text to life in refreshing ways. I’d highly recommend her.”

- Dr. Ben Hansen, Founder and Director of The Helios Ensemble

"Emily's composition style is both unique and wistful - it leaves an audience spellbound, and an artist wishing there was more for them to sing"

- Naomi Simpson of The Helios Ensemble

“Committed, talented, friendly. The type of musician every musician wants to work with.” - Luke Diamond, director of Tucson Masterworks Chorale

“Perfect balance of professional and comfortable with an incredible end product!”

- Tommy Powers of Noteriety

“It was so amazing working with Emily Drum as an arranger and coach, she gave us such helpful feedback in ways that resonated with all of us and it was a very collaborative process.”

- Emma Koenigs of Noteriety

"Emily Drum is a quintessential musician, with a broad portfolio of activities. Her exceptionally keen ear is matched with refined artfulness and a unique compositional voice."

 - Betsy Schauer, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Arizona

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